Helping people connect with wilderness

John Baldwin has been exploring the Coast Mountains of western British Columbia for over 40 years. His books, maps and photographs describe this incredible wilderness.

Exploring the Coast Mountains on Skis is a guidebook to ski mountaineering. Backcountry Whistler, Duffey Lake, Coquihalla Summit, and Backcountry Shames are custom topographic route maps for ski mountaineering.

His photographs have been published widely in magazines and books. Soul of Wilderness, by John Baldwin and Linda Bily, is a lavish volume of photos and essays featuring the wild beauty of western British Columbia and Alaska. Mountains of the Coast is a photographic portrayal of the intense beauty of the Coast Mountains. A selection of images is presented in a gallery.

The recently added Spearheads Terrain Gallery is an online resource that illustrates the ski touring terrain in the Spearhead and Fitzsimmons Ranges behind Whistler and Blackcomb ski resorts in Garibaldi Park. It is meant to be used with Backcountry Whistler.

Coastal Hiking maps are custom topographic route maps for hiking the North Coast Trail, Nootka Island, Hesquiat Peninsula and Tatchu Peninsula on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Guides Ball Patron

John Baldwin has been named patron of the 30th Annunual Mountain Guides Ball. The Mountain Guides Ball is an annual gala event of The Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) and the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) that brings together the mountain community to celebrate our mountain culture and raise funds for the ACC's Environment Fund. Each year, a Patron is honoured for their contribution to our mountain community. See article in Rocky Mountain Outlook

Join us Saturday October 19, 2019 in Banff at the 30th Annual MGB as we celebrate John's contribution to our Canadian mountain community.

Melting Landscapes

Do you love snow? Do you love winter? Climate change is causing higher snowlines, shorter winters and precipitation changes. As backcountry skiers what can we do? Check out some ideas here.

Coquihalla Park Proposal

Check out a proposal to expand the Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area.

Include the stunning area of high alpine ridges and unlogged valleys that surround Coquihalla Mountain in a provincial park. This is rare opportunity in southwestern BC that will not exist in the future. Canada has committed to a 60% increase in parks in the next 3 years. This could be part of it.